Elton John Event Report

Posted by Joanne Plummer on 25th Feb 2014

Well, now that it's been a few days I’d like to share some of our amazing experience.

These things always have privacy issues, which delays our ability to report our personal experiences but privacy and security, must always come first!

The set up was amazing, with hundreds of people loading equipment in. It looked like very hard physical work, but completely organized chaos.

Our first priority was the personal space for EJ, David and the boys. It needed to be intimate and calm and very homey. His devotion his kids was made clear by the request for a basket of toys and blankets and warm and fuzzy kid friendly snacks and drinks.

It was obvious that the most important thing was the care and comfort of the children.

We enhanced this area with a selection of huge tropical trees and plants and a lot of cube vases of roses scattered here and there.

Our goal was to make this area a refuge from the frenzy of the crazy back stage area.

In the end, it became the type of warm family refuge any parent would be proud of.

The second area, set aside for the band, was a very welcoming space once it was enhanced with tropical trees and plants, and a few vases of flowers.

In the third area, primarily provided for entertainment and relaxation for visitors coming in to see friends and family of the immediate band and various support staff, our goal was to create a warm and comfortable environment.

Surprisingly, all of the food and beverage here was totally healthy, with fresh fruit and vegetables, and lot of various juices and waters. Although there were some bottles of wine and beer provided, they were all still there at the end of the night. Clearly, these rockers value their health! I guess once you get to understand what it takes to make a true success, the temptation to "party on" is put aside.

I really wanted to bring a bottle of wine home, just to say I did, but, my common sense prevailed. Bummer.

The tear down of the concert was the most amazing experience ever.

Imagine twelve tractor trailers, all lined up with their drivers, and the hundreds of crew, packing up instruments, coiling thousands of feet of cables, watching a grand piano floating by on invisible wheels, followed by not one, but two complete drum kits used by the finest musicians in the world....guitars?...maybe 60 of them, each guarded by a serious looking roadie, and oh hey...the wardrobe guys....listen, that one famous jacket has to be worth more than a few dollars...covered in crystals or are they diamonds?

The last thing anyone here cares about is the flowers!

So, it was here I got to hang around backstage with all the roadies, watching millions of dollars of equipment being carefully, no, lovingly loaded, and packed away for the next show.

Remember that song by Jackson Brown called "The Load out"...."now the seats are all empty, let the roadies take the stage..."

Yep, I lived that moment, and it was one I will never forget.

OK, we did the thing, we saw the show (AMAZING, by the way, catch them if you can, they will not live forever), we provided the flowers, etc etc...

And now, back to reality.... we have way too many large tropical trees that can ever fit into our tiny little flower shop.

So, if you want a terrific tropical tree or plant that is covered in Elton John vibes,

Give us a call.

We have some amazing certified royal rock and roll plants for sale that are sure to bring some peace and love to your vibe.

OK, not so much, but the plants are amazing, and because they have been rented out, and we don't have a lot of space, so the prices are great!