Real People Behind the Flowers - Rosa Flora Ltd

2nd Apr 2014

Real People Behind The Flowers

One of our valued suppliers and friends, Rosa Flora Ltd., suffered a huge loss last month when a devastating fire broke out wiping out over 15 acres of greenhouses in an early morning blaze in Southern Ontario. Thankfully, no one died in the inferno, and the three fire fighters injured fighting the fire have since been released from the hospital.

Damages exceed 10 million dollars, and include 15 acres of greenhouses filled with blooming lysianthus, snapdragons and gerbera, the administrative and head offices, computer systems used to feed and water 40 acres of greenhouses, and14 trucks and tractor trailers.

Internationally respected for their superior produce, Rosa Flora is a family run business as well as the biggest grower of Gerbera in North America. These are the real people behind some of the beautiful blooms we use to provide you,our customers, with flowers that mark the moments and milestones of your lives.

Won’t you join us as we pray for strength and grace for the people of Rosa Flora during months ahead, as they begin the process of rebuilding their facility, before the make or break Christmas Season.

photos: Glen Lawson for the Globe and Mail