Sex In the Garden

2nd Apr 2014

The weather still insists that it is winter, but if you stand still, and let the sun rest on your face, you can feel that it is just around the corner.

Like all gardeners, I cannot help but reach for a book, looking for the perfect advice that will make my garden grow like those I admire in magazines. You know the ones: lots of cuttings proudly strutting their stuff, transplants fully adapted to their new surroundings, and not a withered leaf, or errant weed in site.

Honestly it makes me feel a bit inadequate…my garden never looks that perfect, but still, it does give me great pleasure.

So this time, I have decided on a different sort of book to read.

It’s called “Sex in the Garden” and it’s a great read. It features lots of information about propagation, pruning, transplanting, and garden features.

Even better, no one pretends that it’s all going to be perfect. Sort of like life, don’t you think?

Do check it out “Sex in the Garden – The Gardener’s Catalogue Series”, by Harvey Rottenberg and Tom Riker, published by William Morrow& Company NY, NY in 1976