2nd Oct 2013

Okay, not technically a flower, but still, our favourite  material a this time of year…

the berry! And there are just so many to choose from at this time of year. 

All year long, we can use Hypericum, in it’s many different colours, but now that autumn is upon us, we can choose from so many others. The list is long, and the colours encompass all the traditional ones, plus a couple of blue and purple choices. Imagine viburnum in various shades of red and orange, and, yes,  even an electric blue! And then there are the various brunneas, imported from New Zealand, in all the grey and silver tones. Of course, from here in Ontario we have the hederas, in different green and brown tones, and then there are the bittersweets, with their red and orange varieties.

Rose hips are not here yet, but soon they will be available…and there are so many different varieties, from the big fat jewels the size of  grapes, to the tiny little beads that grow on whips five feet long. Then we mix them together with the various eucalyptus berries and other fruits from the fall, the result is total autumnal deliciousness!

Keep an eye on our Facebook Page, and of course, on our On-Line Store, to see how we love to use berries in our seasonal designs. 

Not only full of anti oxidants for  physical health when we eat them, but also a treat for our souls when we admire their beauty. 

Berries…they are good for us in so many ways!