Fall to Winter Transition Planters

27th Oct 2013

Hard to believe, but, yes,   It’s  true, the Christmas Season is creeping up faster than any of us really wants to admit.

Long before the pumpkins have been tossed into the compost pile, customers have been asking  us about preparing the Urns and Planters flanking their front doors. 

Here are a few tips on how to make these entrance arrangements warm and welcoming, but still allow them to include a bit of our own personality. 

First things  first. Although its perfect to have planters filled with growing plants through the spring and summer,  in the autumn it is best to tip out the soil. Why not add it to your garden; it will be a good addition for next year.

For the cold months, it’s better to add a liner filled with  flowering arranging foam such as “Oasis”;  this will allow you to create a planter with many different materials, and  help your planter from splintering due to the severe  temperature changes. 

Autumn planters and Urns are traditionally filled with mums and cornstalks, but there is no reason you cannot incorporate other fruits and vegetables of the season.

Ditch the mums, and investigate the other products that appear at the local farmers markets!.

Let your imagination roam, and try combinations of squash, apples, broccoli, and  Indian corn.

Or maybe you lean more towards a more “natural” look… maybe a few branches of burning bush and maiden grass, accented with some bittersweet and hops will better

suit your lifestyle. 

Best news ever…if you do not feel comfortable creating your own outdoor entrance urns, we are here to help, and have lots of ways we can  fill your urns with seasonal materials that will take you through the autumn, and then with a quick switch, make them perfectly suitable for the Holiday Season as well.

Feel free to bring us things that are dear to you…a pair of snowshoes perhaps?

Or maybe some skis that you don’t use anymore?

Maybe some old figure skates from your past? 

Whatever it is, we can incorporate them into your Entrance Urns, in a way that will welcome your guests into your home.

Make them yourself, or give us a call…keeping your front entrance  freshly decorated with welcoming Entrance Urns will make you smile every  time you walk through your own front door!