Valentine Flowers

20th Jan 2014



Nothing expresses the beauty of love quite like flowers ...but of course, we're a little biased!

Valentine’s Day is of course, the perfect day to celebrate love by giving flowers, and it's just around the corner. Now, which ones should you choose?

The premium red roses get the most air time at this time of year, and if you choose varieties like "Freedom", “Hearts”, or “Black Magic”, you will be choosing some of the longest lasting roses available.

My favorites change from day to day, but currently I am in love with “High and Arena” a delicious peach colour that is so on trend right now. The “High and…” series of roses are known for the strong stems and longevity.

My Mom’s favorites were the yellow roses and there is nothing like the soft luscious “Skyline”, or the brilliant yellow “Tara”. 

Truth is, there are so many colours of roses available, I may have to decide on a full mixture of colours for my sweetheart. That way I won't have to choose at all, the only decision will be between12, 18 or 24!

Now, let’s be honest, roses at Valentine’s Day can be a little cliché. Some people love this classic sentiment but others seek out something a little more original that truly reflects the recipient. There are just so many options to choose from, from the serene, to the absolutely wild. For the adventure lover in your life, check out the amazing tropical flowers… orchids, heliconia and protea can really get your imagination going! 

Is your valentine always elegantly put together? If so, a bouquet of lime and white hydrangea might be theperfect fit for her. Choosing something unexpected is very personal and emphasizes how well you know your love.

And what about all the others; sisters, mothers, daughters and friends? Show them how much you appreciate their unwavering love and support with something fresh, fragrant and beautiful. 

Or maybe you know someone who is without a valentine this year. How much would they love to have a little something arrive just for them on this sweet day?

Remember, today’s valentines come in many forms...

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