Ordering Flowers

For some, purchasing flowers is a familiar experience but for others the mere thought of calling a flower shop induces great stress.

We want you to enjoy the experience of sending flowers to a friend whether it is for congratulations, condolence, celebration or the best yet, for no reason at all!

To make that happen we will want to know a bit about your friend. What types of things do they like? What are their favourite colours?  Are they playful, mysterious, elegant or downright funky?

We will need to know what emotion you are trying to convey and what message you would like added to the enclosure card.

In order to deliver the flowers, we will need your friend’s full name, address and telephone number.

Finally we will need your contact information and credit card information.

Once those details are taken care of, we will custom design your fresh floral gift and deliver it in an artistic, professional and timely manner.

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