The Mill Street Philosophy

In 1987 when Mill Street Florist opened its doors for the first time, I based my business operations on a simple credo: Freshest flowers, innovative design, helpful, friendly service, beautiful packaging and fair prices. Our success has been built on this foundation and our reputation has spread as a team committed to this goal. Thanks must go to you, for without your encouragement and support none of this would have been possible. As the shop and staff grow, the trick is to maintain and even exceed our original standards. For this I am asking for your assistance. Please:

Complain- It takes only a minute…And if you don't, who will? Don't be shy. We want to please you unconditionally. Please give us the opportunity to correct our mistakes, immediately. Praise- Your praise is as important as your criticism. Let us know what we are doing right. Give us the opportunity to reward all our employees for a job well done. Be Kind- Our employees are knowledgeable, helpful, and human. Tell Us- We want to hear your suggestions. Let us know what you think is beautiful. Our success depends on our ability to interpret your ideas through nature's greatest gift… beautiful flowers and foliages. Be Persistent- If you believe you have not received professional or satisfactory product or service, I need to know.

Please call or write to me, as the owner of Mill Street Florist I am committed to the same credo now as when I opened the shop for the first time.

Thank You